“Multiplication” of prices on Monday morning or Friday evening

Knowing how to rely is one of the most important qualities when using transport services. In addition to the guaranteed safety with insurance while driving and the obvious cleanliness and quality of the car, the price is a decisive factor for the customer. We absolutely understand that when it comes to money, a low transport price is essential. Most services in Bratislava will offer you the same price as ours – from 4 euros. Or not?

If we talked about the need to be able to rely, the constant the price is essential. With us, you always know how much you will pay. Whether you TAXI BRATISLAVA you call Monday morning for work or Friday night in town.

We refuse to “multiply” prices under load factors.

Unlike many popular services operating in Bratislava, we refuse to increase, or so-called. “multiply” the prices for transport in case of high interest.

To “repay” for loyalty and use of services by increasing the price to which the customer is accustomed. With us we guarantee a constant and equal price wherever and whenever you call TAXI BRATISLAVA. Even if we were, we don’t know how, exhausted.

Our friendly dispatchers will never send you a car that is “just finishing another job”.

We could go on and on about the workload. Our friendly dispatchers will never send you a car that is “just finishing another job”. And yes, we all know that we can easily “multiply” the time estimate of the contract we are currently completing.

contactless taxi payment bratislava
In TAXI Bratislava vehicles you can pay by credit card,
with both cash and services like Apple Pay

When you see a vehicle marked TAXI Bratislava you know that you will go according to the permanent guaranteed price list. For example, from in front of the Main Station our drivers will be happy to take you for a great price of 4 euros to Aupark or to the Nivy Bus Station.

TAXI BRATISLAVA is not for nothing the TAXI service with the longest history. In that time, we’ve learned what customers want. Convenience, low prices, payment by card and – always faithful to us – a guarantee.