Price list of the Bratislava fare 🇸🇰

II. Rate (2) On request (by phone, email) 0,80€/km
Basic rate 1,30 €
I. Rate (1) Taxi stop, boarding from a stand, New Year's Eve 1,30€/km
Minimum fare 5 €
Driving out of town 1,30€/km
Waiting 0,30€/min

Extra charge for KOMBI - On request 1 €
Extra charge per dog/cat - On request 1 €
Surcharge for timed order - 1 €

Price list valid from 22. 5. 2023

Price list for driving Austria 🇦🇹

Bratislava ✈ Airport (Vienna) Schwechat *from 60 €
Airport (Vienna) Schwechat ✈ Bratislava *from 65 €
Bratislava - Vienna (centre) *from 80 €
Bratislava (centre) - Hainburgfrom 25 €
Bratislava (centre) - Kittseefrom 20 €
Bratislava (centre) - Wolfsthalfrom 15 €

* On express request - Motorway toll is increased by 9 € (Vignette fee)

Price list of driving Czech Republic 🇨🇿

Bratislava (centre) - Prague 300 €
Bratislava (centre) - Brno 140 €
Bratislava (centre) - Breclavfrom 80 €
Bratislava (centre) - Ostravafrom 280 €
Bratislava (centre) - Olomoucfrom 200 €

Price list for driving Hungary 🇭🇺

Bratislava - Budapest from 180 €
Bratislava (centre) - Rajka from 20 €
Bratislava (centre) - Dunakiliti from 30 €
Bratislava (centre) - Mosonmagyaróvár from 40 €
Bratislava (centre) - Győr from 70 €

Rate switching limits from order rate II. to rates I. Outskirts of BA or outside the city:

Petržalka: artificial hill near the direction of Jarovce, Rusovce, Čuňovo and further

DNV, VW: at the level of the roundabout at HORNBACH

Lamač: at the level of the crematorium on the way to TV Markíza, Zah. Bystrica, Stupava, Slovnaft motorway, only for direction Lozorno, Malacky, Zohor

Rača: Púchovská near the Slovnaft petrol station in the direction of Sv. Jur, Pezinok, or if the destination station is Rybničná, Vajnory. When passing through Rybničná in the direction of the airport, Ikea, D. Hony, Centrum and Petržalka, the rate II.
If the destination is in Vajnoře, Rendez, Pri Šajbách, BEZ-ke from Zlaté pieskov, switch at the roundabout in Vajnoře. If the direction is from Rača, it switches after the railway crossing Pri Šajbách.

If the destination is Čierna Voda and further on, switch at the roundabout Vajnory.

If the destination is Bernolákovo and beyond, switch at Nay Elektro dom Zlaté piesky.

Price list for port fares to the outskirts of Bratislava - Boarding fee 1,70€ SADZBA II From TV JOJ and above, Rendez, Pri Šajbách, BEZ-ka, Vajnory airport, Vlčie hrdlo shipyard, Rybničná, Železná studnička, motorway pumps. OMV stations on the bypass towards Senec, Slovnaft petrol station towards Petržalka and contractual partners.

Taxi pollution charge :

- according to the pollution from 50€.